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⊙ Recruiting position

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Company Profile: South China HR website -- (Guangzhou South Talent Info Tech Co., Ltd.) is the only professional HR website of the largest and the most professional regional talent market ---South China HR market. The services we provided include: online recruitment, newspaper recruitment, headhunting, recruit outsourcing, talent training, personnel affair service, talent leasing, salary research, HR managers club,etc . We have branches in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Jiangmen, etc. holds 75% market share in Guangzhou and 60% in Pearl River Delta area. Our membership enterprises have exceeded 480,000; the personnel registered resumes have accumulated to 7 million; the job information launched  is more than 560,000/month and the page visits have reached to 12.5 million/day. Now we have became the most influential professional HR website in South China.
Welcome to join in our energetic and positive team!

1. Staff income = wage + bonus ( or performance royalty)

1. Job will buy “Five Insurances and One Fund” regulated by country as well as Commercial Medical Insurance for staffs.
2. One free physical examination/year will be organized for staffs; staffs can also enjoy the birthday cash gift and traditional festivals allowance.
3. One outside-province travel will be organized annually or biennially. (depends on the situation of achieving company targets)

1. Staffs could enjoy official holidays with pay.
2. With one-year work( calculated from entry date), staffs could enjoy 5 days leave/year with pay; with every 3 years work adds, the day of paid leave adds one; with 10 years work or above, 10 days; with 20 years work or above, 15days.
3. Maternity leave and Family planning leave are all-paid vacations.

If you are interested in the job, please click “send out my interview intention” online directly. Please don’t make any phone call or visit us without permission.
Thank you.

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