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  Company name: Guangzhou Lihong Automobile Technology Co., Ltd    >>>>查看中文简介
Company Profile: Km ,the English abbreviation for the unit of measure kilometre.
Km , which has a clear positioning ,symbolizes the speed and passion of the Chinese auto modification industry.It also symbolizes that Chinese manufacturing is speeding along the way. And what we need to do in the future is to integrate the cultural heritage and cultural self-confidence that China inherited around 5,000 years ago into this brand.
There is no Japanese exaggeration in Chinese car modification products. However,the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation itself is implicit and unobtrusive.This has always been a concentrated expression of the magnificent atmosphere of Eastern culture.
The conversion industry in China has only just begun ,and there is no European precipitation,but China is the only country that has continuously advanced ancient civilizations to modern times without interruption.Km adheres to the concept of thousands of years of inheritance and devotes itself to the automotive modification industry in China.It uses its tireless spirit and dedication in product research and development,and continues to innovate and improve.It caters to the environment of the national economy and pushes Chinese manufacturing to the global stage.
Km focuses on the development of Porsche models.Covered steel molds PP bodykit,electronic upgrade products and other related products,forming an abundant product line.All self-developed products have received a national patent certificate for appearance.Electronic products have been issued by the state of the utility model patent certificate.The products that have bee put on the market have won a good reputation with high standards and high quality.
Km , oriented the global market port,has long-term cooperation with many 4S groups and parallel car companies.Product dabbles in various countries and regions,providing systematic products and services for industrial counterparts in automobile modification around the world,and forming a stable business

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Address: No.5, liangchengzhong Road, Zhongluotan, Baiyun District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province Zip Code : 510000
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TEL: 13825044411 Fax: 02085584490